Am I wasting my time?

This guy and I had just admitted to each other that we liked each other, but both are unsure of what we want. Well, that was Saturday. Today he had traveled back home and hasn't talked to me, his home all the way in New York. He has ignored me before when he went home. I had sent him a few things today, and he just opened them and kept me on read all day long. Throughout the day he had kept posting things on snapchat of him and this girl. So my mind started to race and I started to be like there is someone else. Well all of that became a reality when I got on instagram and saw photos of them together with the caption "Babe". My heart broke, I liked it (I don't know why I did) but an hour after I liked it I received a text from him stating: "Hey I just wanted to let you know that We that girl that I posted a picture with it is just my friends but just wanna let you know he posted that to make somebody else feel like a piece of shit"

What the hell should I do?


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