Girls, why do you do this (dating sites)?

On dating sites, if you respond to a guy's message, but don't really say anything? You don't ask him any questions, it's obvious you aren't interested, why did you even respond then? Women complain about guys doing this, not having anything to say, but you women are just as bad, if not worse it seems. I've had so many women do this and I don't get it? Why even respond if you have no interest? It would be one thing if there was interest, and then something changed and you told him so, but no, nothing. Just don't talk hardly, and then eventually ignore him completely? wtf? Does anyone have any common decency anymore? And I can see if a guy is being inappropriate, or saying something offensive or whatever, but I'm not doing that at all. No sexual talk or anything like that.


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  • Because we get called bitches if we don’t respond.

    • I mean, ignored a guys message on here because I wasn’t interested. He then proceeded to call me bitch and threatened to rape me.

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    • Maybe I should include in my messages, "no need to respond if you're not interested"?

    • You’re sweet. There needs to be more people like you. Just do whatever you think is best for you :)

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