Why is my ex still continuing to see me after he broke it off?

My boyfriend broke up with me a few days ago, after nearly three years. We’ve broken up one other time.
After he dumped me I asked if I could see him, and he agreed. We ended up having sex, and talking about things. He said that there may be an opportunity for us in the future if we are able to work out our issues individually, but that he’s also not thinking about anything else right now other than wanting to be alone and for this to be over. He said that I’m too jealous, and don’t trust him.

He told me that he still loved me, and continues to call me pet names. He also told me that as long as he’s having sex w me, that he will not sleep with others.
I feel like he’s still my boyfriend, as we’ve been seeing eachother every day since the break up. He even took me to dinner last night! He said that he wanted it to be where we still hang out and didn’t want it to be a “goodbye forever” type deal. I want to win him back, as we still talk a lot but I want to do it in a way that he thinks he might lose me. I feel like I sometimes appear to be too available and I want to change that,’because I do want him back. I explained to him that in the meantime spending time with him was enough. We started out as being good friends, so maybe we can start slow and see what happens? We both do love eachother, what should I do?
  • play hard to get and don’t be so available, let him come to you
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  • let him go it doesn’t seem he knows what he wants, make it easy.
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  • How about neither of those things? Leave it be. Let whatever happens, happens. Don't put so much pressure on 'should I be with him or not?' Work on you, on being happy by yourself, and if he first into that equation it'll happen, if he doesn't, move on. Playing hard to get is stupid anyways.

  • The real question is why are you initiating to meet up with him after he broke it off. If a woman offers a guy sex he’s not going to say no just because he doesn’t see a future with her and if he’s craving it he’ll gladly take it. He’s not coming around because he “loves you” because if he did than the relationship would have been existed till this day.

    He knows that he can receive benefits without being in a committed relationship with you so he’ll continue to do so. Don’t allow him to sell you false dreams and sooner or later he’s in a exclusive relationship or dealing with someone else and ghost you. Be careful.


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