Guy asked me to come to his house?

This guy I went on a first date with talked about me coming to his house. I told him I'm not into that. He said why does it matter if we hooked up or not. That he wants a relationship and etc. He asked me on a real date for Saturday to go to a musuem. But then he wanted to see me again before the museum. He asks for me to come to his house. I told him Iit seems he just wants sex. He said hanging out at his house doesn't always mean sex. He just wants to watch movies. I'm feeling really angry he keeps pushing and I just want him to court properly. He also asked for the second date that I drive. What should I do? This guys I really good looking and I'm surprised he's even interested in me. I feel like I'm letting looks get in the way as well.
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What Guys Said 1

  • Keep to your standards and boundaries. Each time he asks just decline the offer to do to his house. If you want to, keep going out on dates. Over time his intentions will be shown, either he will keep dating you or he will go away because you are not giving him sex. That being said, the more time you spend together the more willing you should be to talk to him and eventually explain your boundaries so that he understands how far to take things physically.

    • Yeah. I'm just nervous to cancel now. We are supposed to go on Saturday and he set it up but he said on the condition that I drive. I found that a bit weird but I said ok

    • Ok to be nervous. Ya strange that he asked you to drive, but maybe he senses you want more control and don't quite trust him yet. Be safe and hopefully he will surprise you in a good way.

What Girls Said 1

  • For heaven's sake move on as fast as you can.
    Please do take care and stay safe.

    • I know I am. My gut is saying do not. Even though he's handsome he probably does this a lot. Seems like lazy courtship though. Like he knows he gets his way either way

    • First Class Player comes to mind.

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