Do you guys believe this?

“Some move on" physically, but their mind & heart be somewhere else.” Like I doubt a guy will be married or engaged to a girl and still thinking about his ex or some other girl Even if he has attempted to cheat with the ex or a certain girl. I don’t think someone will marry someone or even propose and not be doing it out of love.


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  • well here's the thing, everyone first is always remembered. it hardly ever goes away. esp if that person been what he/she needed the whole time but things just couldnt work out.

    so yes there mind and heart will be else where. thats a given but some people knows how to conceal it better than others. some events just run that deep and are not forgettable. have look at it from all angles.

  • Uh, look, let me put it like this.

    No matter what happens with me and my girlfriend, I'll never, ever fully move on and forget her or the way I feel about her. A part of me will always love her. If she cheated on me and we broke up (only way it could happen, as far as I'm concerned), then I'd never fully get over it.

    I'd someday find someone else and fall in love again and be happy, but in quiet moments alone, or when I saw a certain thing or smelled a certain smell, I'd remember, and I would ache.

    We never forget the people we love. Most of us never fully stop loving them.


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