A guy told me he likes me, what do I do now?

So basically, the guy i've been crushing on forever, told me he likes me, and we are best friends, and i just don't know where to go with this, do i start acting different? Do I act the same? Do I flirt more? Less? We hang out literally all day so I don't know what to do with myself. How do i make it NOT awkward?
We are kind almost a thing now, its pretty great


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  • You jump his bones.

    No I'm just kidding. Hold his hand sometimes, sit closer to him when you're sitting together, don't be afraid of leg-to-leg contact and things like that, just basically reduce the amount of personal space you typically keep between each other.

    Definitely flirt more, not less, but otherwise mostly just act the same. Tell him you think he's cute sometimes, and then just try to find stuff to do together. Like dates.

    Ask him out.


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  • you can't almost be a thing and not be awkward, that almost never happens awkwardness is a part of that.

    • No awkwardness, best friends remember

    • that would still be a little awkward.

  • Just be you that's obviously what he likes


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