How can I be sure whether he likes me or not?

There is a guy in my clg who is my junior but stares at me eveytime n whenever he passes by my class he always look for me... this thing hppnd during our internal exams he was sitting next to me thn after few days i started noticing him... but the thing is whenever i see him either he will be with girls or talking to any girl... if he is too frank with girls why dont he tell me anything n dont u think its funny sending a rqst on fb waiting till i accept his reqst... he is too egoistic what will hapoen to him if he will talk to me in person... my frnd says that he is egoistic thats why he is not saying anything im fully comfused is he really an egoistic guy or he only likes me n isn't that much into me thats why he has onlly send me a reqst... how can i be sure about him whether he feels something for me or not


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