Why won't he stop texting me?

So I am going to try and keep this as short as possible. I am a very firm believer in the “He is just not that into you” theory. I have never chased a man and believe that if he isn’t chasing you that he just not into you.

So I just recently got out a relationship. I still however live with my ex at least until the beginning of the year. I have known this other guy, whom I have had a crush on for the past 3 years. When I became single I let him know that I was, just in case he was interested in me too! He lives in another state 8 months out of the year for work. So for two months we texted back and forth every day. When I let him know I was single, he initiated every text from there on out. He finally came home and we got together. We got together for drinks, nothing happened that night, we just hung out, made out a little, nothing serious. Couple nights later we went out again, I had too much to drink and we slept together (not something I have ever done so quickly). I figured that he was going to disappear, because I have heard that men get a bad impression usually when the sex is too soon. Well he text me the next day and everyday thereafter. However we have not been out since. I asked him if he wanted to go for a drink once, and he was busy, so I decided not to ask again. So finally after weeks of him constantly texting me, I finally asked him what was up? Why did he keep texting if he wasn’t interested? He answered that he was just busy and he didn’t mean to leave me hangin. I just wanted to go with the flow, so didn’t text him, and let him text me. Well he kept texting and still no invites. So finally I told him that I liked him, but that I got the hint that he wasn’t into me, and to stop texting me. He again said “I am just stupid, and have been busy, I don’t mean to leave you hanging” I told him that I wanted him to stop texting because I was confused and I wanted to forget about it. He still keeps texting me. Finally a few nights ago, I said “look, either you want to hang out or you don’t, but if you do not, quit texting me!” I mean I am giving him a way out for peets sake! He said he would call me the next day, which he didn’t. Again, today he texts me. I don’t understand, why does he keep texting me? I keep telling him to stop and he doesn’t. Yet he doesn’t want to hang out. Doesn’t make any sense! What should I do? Just ignore him? I mean I like him a lot, but in the same respect, he can't be interested, he doesn’t ever ask me out. Could it be that I live with my ex or something? I just really don’t understand why he won't just go away!


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  • I'm in the same exact situation except I haven't told the guy that I'm into him in those words but made it obvious. But with me, he'll ask me out, then cancel the day of, which I don't understand the point of. It's tiring and frustrating trying to figure his behavior out. He'll also constantly initiate the texting. I personally think he's just bored, doesn't have anything else going on at the time, so he texts me to kill time. Maybe that's what your guy isdoing

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