Help me... should I give up or keep trying with him? He says he has feelings but I dont see any effort... maybe he just has issues?

So this story will be short.. me and a guy used to date but then he didn't want to make us official so we eventually stopped talking. I got a new boyfriend but then we broke up and now me and guy #1 are talking again. He said to one of my friends that his feelings for me hasn't changed so that got me excited and optimistic but he's been acting hot and cold. And since recently really distant and no effort really and im getting discouraged. I really like him but ik some guys have some baggage and issues so i need advice. Feel free to ask me for more details i need the help
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What Guys Said 1

  • When someone desires something or someone bad enough they will put effort.

    Kiss good bye.


What Girls Said 1

  • it could just be bad timing for him. dont totally write him off but if someone asks u out that u think is cute, for sure let other guys take u out too.


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