Are men allowed to have standards without being called sexist?

so i was browsing around on some dating sites, and i kept seeing that women keep doing one of 2 things
A: saying they want a guy who's got big muscles, is tall, has a six pack, and has money
B: saying they are a "real woman" who is not an "anorexic miss america wanna be"
to me, it seems that nobody really has a problem with this in mainstream society. but then, if a man says that he want a girl with a flat stomach, long hair, big boobs and a big butt, he is a sexist who doesn't want a "real woman" and is told "thats not what real women look like" or "stop projecting your impossible hollywood standards on us you sexist"
so the question is asked, are we still allowed to have standards, or should we just fuck anything
  • yes, men *can* indeed have standards
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  • no, men *cannot* have standards, they should get with someone they are not attracted to
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  • I think there is something wrong with the standards a lot of guys have, but it goes both ways. We all just need to accept that we don't all look like models.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Depends on the standards
    Should know the balance


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What Girls Said 1

  • Of course you can. Just know that with really high standards like your own, you'll either have to wait a long time or look really hot yourself. Just like those women with high standards will likely have to wait awhile too.


What Guys Said 1

  • I don’t mess with the fatties, single moms or any girl I think has a high body count


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