Does she want to go on a date with me?

So there is this girl. I've met her in the train going to school, and she always sits next to me. Our conversations are (if you ask me) not that entertaining, so I doubt that is the reason she'll always sit next to me. I've been asking her to meet up somewhere else than on the train for a while now, but everytime she either declined right away, saying she already had something planned for that day, or declined shortly before that, saying something more important is also happening on that day. I've checked the excuses she made, (at least the ones that I could, without it getting creepy, lol) and they seem to be legit. But I've only been able to check two of like 5 times. The question is: does she just simply not want to go on a date with me? (Note: I've never mentioned the word date)


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