Anyone have s good reason a guy shouldn't be vulnerable with a girl in the first date and just be honest?

I mean, assuming neither party is mentally unstable, why not skip over tepid subjects that don't matter. Like watching a movie together that you're didn't both really want to see, and sitting down and saying, "This is where I am, this is what I want, please share how you receive that and I'll promise not to judge your reaction, just listen and learn." Other than social stigma about moving too fast, is there something intently wrong with honesty if you can handle truth?


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  • Because just like how politics are dating has a things u do and don't

    • But are those do s and don't s meaningful?

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    • Okay. I see that, but if your interview is watching a movie for two hours, a thirty minute meal with low key talking, over the course of weeks or months seems week compared to a single two hour heart to heart thing, right? Not saying make a rush to marriage, just, why not be vulnerable?

    • I am when I talk to my girl no one said u can't talk that real shit whilst eating that dinner

  • Girls respond to strength I think

    • Maybe. It's connected a strength though? Takes a real man to live out his fears in conversation?

    • Is vulnerability a strength though

    • Agree 100% but I guess they'd want to feel some sense of security and stability from you before being accepting of your vulnerabilities. Of course this is a generalisation

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