Is looking someone you are going out with intensely and deeply in the eyes while holding them in your arms a clear sign of love?

I read on a scientific book about non verbal language that staring at someone’s eyes intensely and deeply for a prolonged time is a sign of love.

Is it so in your experience? I’m not talking about infatuation or attraction, but about REAL LOVE.

Have you ever noticed that if you are truly in love with someone the way you interlock your gaze is “more intense”and more prolonged?
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  • It could also only mean sexual attraction
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  • Lol the things you women come up with these days no wonder so many get played this is crazy

    • I read it on a scientific book wrote by a ma

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    • Much agreed here. Even if there is a genuine sign there when done naturally, someone who catches onto that will do it forcefully. I don't put much stock into signs of interest, and I really think life is easier (and less misleading) when you don't.

    • Vary true friend so much more

Most Helpful Girl

  • No not at all! I had a guy I had crazy sexual chemistry with & we would just lie in bed holding each other & gazing into each other’s eyes. But he later told me he wasn’t in love with me.

    • Same experience I had

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What Guys Said 2

  • At least doesn't apply to Japanese culture. Holding eye contact here is considered rude and a sign of aggression, not interest.

    • Of course prolonged eye contact might happen once two people are lovers here during a very intimate (and possibly sexual) moment. But not before that usually.

    • Well, re-reading your question... maybe in Japan it would be. Because about the only time I could think of anyone holding prolonged eye contact outside of a non-confrontational setting is between lovers.

    • But that's mainly because in Japan, it would be considered rude to hold eye contact in any other settings... except between lovers.

  • YES OF COURSE. Sexual attraction could play a big role for this behavior


What Girls Said 1

  • Nahh


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