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I met this guy online, we talked for over a year, and we had video chat, so I know he's real. But here is the problem... He promised to meet me last year in October, didn't happen because of his work, then he said this year September and is not gonna happen again as he said his work made him push back to next year. Do you think he's just trying to find excuses or is he genuinely want to meet me but just tied down with his work?
Like every time I asked him when will I get to meet him, he always said he hope ASAP. I don't know if I should believe him anymore.
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  • He wants to meet you, but is just unfortunate with his work
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  • Surprised you've waited a year already. For whatever reason he clearly is not keen on meeting up and he just lacks the ability to say no for whatever reason. Perhaps he just enjoys talking to you online. Ultimately if he's not going to give you what you want, you've got to decide whether it's worth continuing to talk to him.

    • See I have asked him before if he just wanted this to be online, but he said he wants to meet and see if his feelings are real.

    • Plenty of other reasons. Has social issues, shy, or he just isn't serious about you and is potentially seeing other women. If he was serious about you, he wouldn't leave you hanging for a year unless he did have some social issues... That's for sure.

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  • Unless he's a real catch and nearby or you love him, let him go honey. Some people online are flaky af, iv been there.


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  • That's a long time in between supposed "meets", I'd move on if it were me. He might have those intentions, but he obviously can't follow through. Even if you do meet sometime, my thinking is this behavior will be a constant problem between you. Do you want someone like that anyway? I don't think he's intentionally "playing you", and if he is, I have no idea why because that's a long time to play someone.


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