Isn’t this the type of girl every guy would want to spend his life with?

I put me and boyfriends problems on Facebook sometimes things like “Niggas always act different around they homies.” “Who chooses materialistic shit over their girl?” But only because i’m upset. When he doesn’t get off the game to come and lay with me in bed I might slam a door or two, but like I said that’s only because i’m Upset. But then I might share a post about things and goals I wants out of a relationship. I just get upset sometimes but when me and him go out I make sure to capture our moments. Us Walking together, getting our feet done together. Text messages of him saying he wants Me in his life and he’s gonna get my name tattooed. The other day when he proposed I told everyone I was engaged and showed a video of our hotel suite and my ring while in the tub. People think i’m not mature and i’m childish. That I or the both of us shouldn’t be getting married or even be engaged but any guy would want a girl like that. Gets upset sometimes but, I still care.


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  • everything sounds good, except the part of posting your problems on facebook, I would never want my future wife to do that

  • I can't stand people who post personal material online. How foolish.


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