Should I step up my game?

So there’s this girl I like we use to be really close and had feelings for each other but could never get things to work as it was LD, she’s now single again and we’ve been talking for about 2 weeks now after not talking each other for about a month. At first her replies were somewhat short but she texted back really fast which made me think she was interested on some level but after a week of texting she’s now taking her time responding back to my texts and sometimes doesn’t respond at all now. Im assuming I’m boring her as any guy can text, do you think I should switch it up and start calling some as it will let her hear my voice and show her I’m interested in talking to you and being different from most guys?
Also something I noticed is she never texts first but one time I called even though it was a short convo, it seemed to pique her interest as she went from cold texts/not texting first to hitting me up first and seemed more interested to see what I was up to and how was i doing , is that a sign I should add calling to my communication?


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  • Just call her


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