Everyone thinks he's controlling, but I can't see it what do I do?

Me and my boyfriend have been together a little over 10 months, I'm 18 and he's 20. Apparently everyone in my family thinks he is controlling and does it in a way where I do not notice it. I'm often putting in effort to see him and they think the reason why he never comes over is because he is already getting what he wants so why put in effort? He seems very loving to me but my mother is convinced it all just it what he says to an extent I kinda see it; all talk no actions essentially. I'm young just starting university, so I'm wondering if really trying to work this is even worth it because a small part of me does think maybe he does have a way with words and no matter how much we talk he is subconciously manipulating me. I do love him but, I know he's not the love of my life; he just makes me feel comfortable. What is your opinion? be honest


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  • step back and look at his actions, ask them why they think this way and ask them to provide with examples...

    if he is then you may wanna have a sit and talk with him
    unless you want him to be in control


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