Realistically, can you really only love or like one person?

Like I think that someone Can be on their honeymoon, have a girlfriend/boyfriend husband/wife or finance and still text you and tell you “I love you” “I care about you” “I miss you” or even attempt to have sex with you would that mean their living a lie with their current partner? no. And it doesn’t mean that what they’re telling you isn’t true because it’s 7 billion people in the world, why would or should your interest and love toward someone only be for one person. I’m not condoning cheating but Even though you weren’t the one they married, or proposed to or the one with the title but since having two married partners for the most part is illegal that’s why you weren’t the one they married. They had to choose but if they had it their way I’m sure most people would marry both or date both if more people Accepted it and wasn’t afraid to accept it.


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  • Love, yes. Like, naah, i can be in love with someone but like many others lol. Loving and liking are two different things.

  • If they allow me to marry 10 girls, i'd still go for one? If there 20 billion people, i'd still pick one because i want to only love 1 girl forever...


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