How to get the attention of a person online?

I've tried beein super flirty, send sexy pictures (he complimented my body but didn't ask for more) and tried talking about his interests...

Please suggest some more stuff I could do to gain his attention/interest. Its about a user on this site.


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  • I'd just be forward honestly. It sounds like you are doing most of the right things so if he's not biting he's either not interested or is about as oblivious as I tend to be and you've got to smack him on the nose with a boob or something for him to clue in.

    • I think he spots hints easily, I just dont want to accept that he isn't interested I guess... his abs are too amazing to accept a no 😞

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    • sure, as soon as I find a guy thats successful, charming, and has a perfect body/face... a bunch of cats sound like a good option right now 😂

    • I dunno, cats can be pretty demanding when they want something :P

      I think there are a few of those kicking around.

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  • That should have been enough to get his attention but if he's a GAGer I'd be cautious

    • he gets quite abit of female attention on here. He has an amazing body and is fun.

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    • true, just hard to accept a no from a guy with abs like his 😔

    • I know I know, it's going to be ok

  • You should have tried on me.
    I would be yours but you didn't😑

  • Pm me and we’ll try some stuff 😉


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