What could help me improve a relationship?

I recently re-established contact with my first love. She doesn't know I loved her, and I told her when we resolved things a while back that she was the first person I ever liked and she has since said nothing, but still follows me on Instagram.
Would liking her photos or asking her random things help me?
Maybe it's my old feelings, but id like to try again with her


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  • No you seem like a wimp or suck up, giving her all your power by doing all that extra shit. Get what you want from her. If she dont reciprocate then she's not that interested. Things to do? You dont have do anything over the top, much like chat - see how she's doing, good night, poems here and there a month. Hanging out. Once to 3 times a month or more.
    Make feel special without over thinking it.


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