I'm conflicted about asking this girl out. Should I ask her out? Should I wait? or should I forget it all together?

Okay, a little bit about the situation. Imma grown ass 21 year-old-man in college, who is awful at picking up on hints from women. So, I'm not even sure if she's into me. Also, I sit right next to her in my zoo class (being rejected would be awkward. who wants that?)

We have studied a few times together, texted, and snapped back and forth, all for about 4 weeks. I don't know her super well, like a gay best friend, but I know enough about her to tell that she's a genuine person, fun to be around, and we have a lot in common. However, I also know she's an extremely busy person who works full time and has classes that aren't easy. Welcome to the life of a college student, kids.

4 weeks isn't long, I know, and waiting longer is no problem. I'm just looking for something genuine. I'm not afraid of rejection, i'm just afraid of losing a friend from the awkwardness that would inevitably ensue if she were to say, "no". I also know she's extremely busy so I don't want to pull her in another direction.

Sorry about the long details, I'm brand new to this and I just want anyone who'll answer this to know why I haven't just taken a chance on asking her out. I want your opinions on whether I should ask her out, wait it out, or forget it. Even if they are from totally random people. Thanks in advance!

Also I not for sure what topic this falls under. My bad, if I put it in the wrong one.


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  • Ah, but you can study with her, among other Things. Don't overthink this- she'll be happy you're interested, so ask her out.

  • Ask her out. Otherwise you'll'll be 28 and regretting it.


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