Would this be seen as okay?

Recently I have been seeing posts about ages and dating and it came to question if a girl or guy had just turned 18 but had been talking to someone a bit younger than them before they turned 18 is that okay? Just an interest in them and wanted to wait until they were 18 as well for something to come out of the interest if anything did. So when that person turns 18 the other will be 22. That would be seen as okay right? Just a four year difference.


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  • morally I couldn't care less, and in Canada it is legal if they are over 16. That being said in the states I think they have to both be under 18 when they start dating but if that is the case then one turning 18 doesn't make it suddenly illegal. They can't start dating when one is 18 and the other is a minor though I don't think. Personally I think its a bit dumb and that something like "within 3 years of age until the age of 18" works better.

  • depends on where you live but in the Netherlands that's totally fine.


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