What matters more when looking for a guy. Looks, wealth, general caring, nice, or an asshole?

I have been single for so long and believe I'm too ugly to get a girl I want. What should I do when approaching to talk to someone. And what do women look for?


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  • 1. Personality (being nice, caring, polite, happy, smart, funny, loyal...)
    2. Looks (I look at the smile, eyes and body)
    3. Your life style (if you smoke or not, if you have tattoos, if you take care of yourself and if you do sport)
    4. Your job (or if you are still a student, what you study and how well you do at school/college)
    5. Your hobbies
    6. Your wealth (if you are young it doesn’t matter, because you still have to get a job, but if you are already an adult it matters quite a lot)


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