I'm pretty sure he likes me, but there's this thing... PLEASE HELP?

He finds excuses to be near me or touch me, he looks my way a lot, always wants to hang out, and has even told me repeatedly that the best thing about college so far has been meeting me. We're both college freshmen.

Tonight, we were supposed to go to a jazz concert together for a report for our music class we have. We hung out for four hours beforehand--two spent in my dorm and the other two in a building nearby just sitting together and talking. Whenever I asked for help on homework in my dorm, he'd come over to where I was laying on my bed and brush his entire arm against me as he leaned onto the bed and his face was really close to mine. Anyway, during these hours, we talked a lot about everything.

Once it was time to go to the concert, we actually decided not to just so we could hang out more. We were gonna watch a movie together back at my dorm, but after I listed off some random things to do, he wanted to go get ice cream with me. So, we sat together and had ice cream, talked a lot more. He even asked me to add him on Snapchat and to follow his Instagram. I sent streaks to him, and he sent a pic of me back. We both make self-deprecating jokes, and I called myself disgusting.

He said, "You know, you call yourself disgusting a lot, but you're really not. I think you should know that."
We really had good conversation overall. Several times he was like "I hope you're having a good time." He brought up hanging out again and watching a movie then, so he wanted me to send him my schedule.


There's this girl. The guy I'm talking about wants to break things off with her, but he knows she'll threaten to hurt or kill herself so he just sits by passively and tries to ignore it. He keeps thinking things are finally gonna end and stop, but they haven't yet. He doesn't even want to date her or considers her his girlfriend. But, she's been put in a hospital before.

So, he doesn't see her as a girlfriend basically, so is he pursuing me or like me?


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