Guys, would you date a single mom?

So, in my workplace there is this new girl that started recently. And ever since she came i have been eyeing her and checking her out and i don't know why... but whenever i see her she turns me on and makes me a bit nervous. Ofc, we have chat and talked face to face and i was a bit surprised that she was a single mom of two daughters (from two different baby daddies). So, i told myself to distance myself from her (you know for the obvious reasons and plus is she about 3 years older than me). But still, i didn't do that and i asked her out on a date and if she was interested to go out on a date with me. Needless, to say she said yes. So, did i do something wrong by asking her out?


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  • I could but I prefer not to. She would have to be amazing to consider it seriously.

    • Well, i agree with your assessment. I do like her character and personality. But my main issue is it okay to date her?

    • If you like her, date her. I see no problem with it. Just take it real slow.

    • Okay, thanks. For the advice.

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