Older guys, Would you wait for a girl until she turned 18?

I’m 17 (b-day is 4 months away) and he’s 25. I met him at a research internship and I worked with him for a couple of months by handling data and writing some computer programs. We both seem to hit it off, as we have so much in common (other than pop culture stuff like tv, video games and books, etc) our personalities are very alike and we always joke around.

I really, really like him. Mostly because I find his nerdy/awkward personality so adorable and I can be myself around him. Point is, he seems to like me and shows some signs, but I’m not sure if I should go for it and maybe ask him out? Or wait for him to make a move? Older guys, if a younger girl liked you and you liked her, would you make a move or be willing to wait? It’s only a couple of months that I’m 18.


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What Guys Said 1

  • Depends. I was in a similar situation. I was 22, she was 17. The age gap made me uncomfortable and the fact she was below 18 made it weirder. Wanted to wait till she was 18 before saying anything, but things didn't work out. I didn't approve of some of her lifestyle choices.


What Girls Said 1

  • Oh boy. Its most likely all in your head. he's 25 you're 17. Y'all are at two VERY different points in your lives. Try and find a cute nerdy boy closer to your age.


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