Girls, What would you think if a guy did this for you?

So my buddy's girlfriend has been hitting me up a lot recently on SnapChat. We've been flirting (she's been initiating all of it), and one day I told her, that I was making stuff out a tree that fell on my house, and I asked her if she wanted me to make her a cutting board/bowl/plate out of wood. She said yes, and that she wanted a plate. So, I found a really pretty piece of wood, and then came up with a great idea; I want to take a drawing that she made (and posted to IG, shortly after I said that I loved it), and burn it into the board and then burn "for (Angelica)," just beneath it, so it looks signed.

The drawing she made was of an astronaut handing a girl a bunch of balloons that look like planets.

I'm wondering if that would be over the top?
  • So romantic!
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  • Corny AF, but kinda cute
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