Asking out a coworker, help?

This guy and I don't have the same job title so we are not working directly together. I'm a server and he does the dishes, so I see him a few times when he steps out from behind the thing to put away clean plates. I didn't notice this guy until last week. I'm new at the job. Anyways, I dropped one of the plates and must of looked stupid in my lame attempt to grab it. He saw me and thought it was funny. Since then, it has be a very few times we made eye contact, as in my eyes somehow looking in his direction the same moment he is looking in mine's. There are days where the workers get desserts, mostly cake, if there's some left over from a party. Yesterday he brought me some asking if I got one and where I could find a clean spoon. I'm probably overlooking everything but I always stop myself from making the first move. How can I talk to this guy if there's never a moment where we are alone?


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  • it's a bad decision to date co-workers first off. if it ends, it's usually badly. that said...

    ask him out. you never see him, so ask him on a date.


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