Does this mean my boyfriend actually wants to break up? In a sneaky way?

My boyfriend and I recently had an argument (he was texting a girl that he says is just a friend) that consisted of me telling him we are done. The next day he text me saying "I'm guessing we are done anyway". I said well it doesn't seem like you want to be with me.

He said the girl is just a friend and he does want to be with me. He text me again that night to say "what do you wanna do so, break up or keep going" (strange?) So I said why do you keep asking me that. He said because he wants to know what I want. I said well if you didn't have a girlfriend you can text who you like.

His response "I don't want to text who I want because I want you" and "we will stay together if you want us to" huh? Does this all just mean he wants me to break up with him cos he won't do it. Just so he can be with this other girl? Opinions?


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  • This started when you told him that the two of you were done. If he wants to stay with you, shouldn't he be asking what you want?

    • But I don't think he wants to stay with me. He basically saying we will stay together if I want to is weird, like I'm the only one that can decide? Is it not up to him too? I don't understand lol

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    • They're not exes. They never went out. They both liked each other but nothing ever happened because it didn't feel "right" and they didn't "click". He says he's texting her cos they're friends

    • Had you told him previously that made you feel uncomfortable?

  • So u are trying to be manipulative and are blaming him why u 2 are not working out

    • No I'm not. I'm asking why he would basically say we will stay together if I want to. Does that mean he doesn't want to? Only cos I want to. I don't understand

    • You are the one saying to break up not him only you

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