Girls, why some girls are into unhappy relationships and bad men?

I have this odd question, this doesn't pertain to all women but most westernized women:

Why when men who show their emotions, feelings, and easy going attitude gets emotionally pummeled by people especially western girls who he just trying to show love to.

These girls are usually cute, easy going, nice, and polite but she likes to make a big scene out of nothing. Like nothing can go straightfoward with this type of person like the person wants to turn the tables and screw things up to make a dramatic story.

Yet, if men provide so much hate, arrogance, and a pretty dirty attitude would make most western women fall to their knees for this type of person.

When these types of men do get these girls it's like both of them have no personality and full of egotism and pride but then again they seem stressed and depressed all the time like being big babies.

Can women give me a clear glimpse of what are the reasons for this madness?


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