Why do guys whine about being ghosted on when they do the same thing to girls on tinder?

Guys just stop talking even after they beg you to give them your number. Or they disappear for a while and then come back when they’ve run out of options. That’s why I stopped giving my number out lol.

I do the same when I realize that I’m not a match with the person I’m talking to. But, at least I don’t ask them for their number or give mine out unless I know for sure we’re a match.


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  • Nobody notices their own double standards unfortunately. We used to whine about getting turned down at the bar, not realizing that we were default turning down women by not approaching them. Dating is ruled by hypocrisy

  • I think it's because when people "ghost" someone, they just stop considering their existence. So, they're not thinking about what they have done to non-entities. They're thinking about what is happening to them.

    So, when you "ghost" someone, they kinda just disappear from your memory, because you have just written them off as irrelevant to you.

    I think people do that a lot IRL, too. A lot of people have a great many options, but they act like they have 0, but only because they simply don't think about the options they have had, because they've viewed them as irrelevant.


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