This guy keeps hitting on my girlfriend, should I confront him?

My girlfriend is a musician and the guy hitting on her is also a musician, he's developed a crush on her because of her music and hits on her. The reason why I haven't said anything before is because she's told me she can handle it and knows how to deal with him. Though he keeps trying and won't leave her be.


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  • If she hasn't already gotten him to fuck off, then there are only two possibilities:

    1) He is her backup plan. If you don't jump through her hoops properly, she'll fuck him.
    2) She's already fucking him. Telling you that he won't leave her alone is her way of making sure you don't get suspicious. As an added bonus, if you confront him she gets the drama that she craves.

    Dump this bitch on her ass and walk away. Otherwise this isn't going to end well for you.


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  • If you can't trust your girl then dump her instead of confronting the other guy.

  • Time to fuck him up

  • yes do some action.


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