Hanging out with a guy who likes you, when you have a boyfriend?

Personally, I don't think its appropriate, to hang out with a guy who you know likes you when you have a boyfriend.

I see nothing wrong with having friends of the opposite sex, and if you have been friends for a while and there is nothing there, I see nothing wrong with me or with my boyfriend hanging out with them.

However, in my situation, we were never really buddies. We were friendly, and talked sometimes, but it was obvious he liked me. I have a boyfriend currently, and he was telling me how he thinks we missed out on each other, and I politely told him I am in a happy relationship with someone I don't want to leave. He wants to hang out sometime.

I find it inappropriate because I would be hanging out with him knowing he has a thing for me. I kinda just let on that "maybe" we would hang out sometime, but I didn't set a date. Its just not right.

What are your opinions?


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  • Simple, if you're going to hang out with him or be put in situations where you're hanging out with him don't ever lead him on and make it 100% clear you're not into him in that way and you never will be, which I guess will probably make him just stop hanging out with you because he sees you more than a friend and couldn't change to just seeing you as a friend. So if you make it clear you're happily in a relationship and aren't interested I guess he'll probably just stop talking to you and things will end up falling into place with you happily with this guy and with him doing whatever he does.

    Thats just basically what I think


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  • I agree with you. It sounds like you have the correct view on matters. If you did hang out with this other person, you may, over time, start to grow feelings for him. I'm not saying you would, but it has happened. In my eyes the girl I'm with would be my best friend. Same for a girl with a guy. Of course you can hang out with the opposite sex, but I think that should be done in a group setting, not a one-on-one scenario, especially if the other person has feelings for you.

    I say stick to what you're doing. I think it's the right thing to do.



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  • Yah I would not bother hanging out with him if he has a thing for you. He might get the impression that he could do something sexual or romantic with you.