Lowkey relationship?

So I’ve been talking to this guy for 2 months. We’re meeting soon. We’re like “together “ but not but we act like we are and we both can’t talk to anyone else so I guess we are but I don’t want it official yet. I’ll also be meeting his family and mom soon... Anyways he’s been single for months. He thinks we’re together but I don’t know if I want that yet. I looked on his page and NEVER not one trace of any girl. No posts, no photos, nothing of any ex’s. It’s like how could you not ONCE post your girl? But they lived together for 2 years. I asked why he never posted her. He said that he likes his relationships private. Not lowkey but lowkey. He said people seen them together and out and knew that they was together but it was lowkey. So if he didn’t post her.. I know he won’t post me. He doesn’t tag me in stuff he’ll just screen shot or share the link in my messages. I do the same.. but I don’t want that. I don’t want to be lowkey like his ex’s and stuff... I don’t know what to do? I don’t like lowkey relationships...


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  • Lowkey relationships tend to last longer and then you don't always have to be changing your relationship status to single every minute. As long as the main set of people knows that you are around like his friends and family the rest online are basically strangers. At first, my boyfriend kept our relationship lowkey he had never posted a picture of his exes now we've been together for 3 years and he starts posting pics of me and tagging me in pictures. I still don't like all the attention but I'm glad they know I'm here

    • True🙏🙏 as long as I meet family and stuff and people know then I’m good but I still don’t like lowkey cause I’m the type to post everything 😂😂

    • Well, eventually you guy are going to get there. Lol I use to be like that but I stopped

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