How would you feel if your boyfriend made this comment?

My boyfriend made a comment last night about his ex’s and how there is a list he looks for in a partner and how they didn't meet a few small things. Then he made a comment and he said dont worry you meet them. Now im asking him about it he's not telling me anything, if there's things i dont meet for him on this list, he just kept getting mad and saying maybe. I asked why he can't tell me and he said why would he give me the answers to the test. And now its making me feel like i dont fit everything off his stupid list so i feel like i won't have a future with him like his exs. I asked what makes me different he said everything and im different than anyone else he's dated. So would you feel the same way as i do of your partner said that. Is it because i dont check off stuff that he won't tell me anything about it? How should i feel about this. Just forget about it? But it will always linger that im not good enough like his exsz


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  • You've already demonstrated you can't handle the truth. If you choose to react this way he will learn quickly to obfuscate the truth.


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