Did he dumped me?

So i met this guy this summer, at our first date he came with his brother. We really liked each other, even his brother told me that he has never seen him with someone like he is with me, he told me that he was with someone for 5 years, and they broked up lately, but that he think that everything happens for a reason. He said that he want to be in a relationship with me and that he really likes me, He even kissed my forehead. we kissed.. As we dont live in same country, when he returned to his country, he told me that he needed more time and that he just went out of the relationshio. So i'm confused right now. I dont know what he feels for me


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  • From what I know I think he still has feelings for you, but I think he need a break to put things in perspective. Why can't you just ask him how he feels about you?


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