I want to date this guy — how?

A week ago I moved to a new city, and a guy I met a few years ago messaged me on Facebook to have brunch, go to the beach, and show me around the city. Of course I accepted.

I was so glad he reached out to me, I had such a great time with him today, and I felt so comfortable around him. (Bonus, he is such a good looking guy.) I think I’d like to try and see him more often see if it goes anywhere.

My experience with dating has been via tinder. Every boyfriend I’ve had I’ve met via tinder. So I’ve never met a guy IRL and started dating them. No real reason why, just tinder is — convenient like that. I have met guys in a bar setting, gone on a few dates and that’s about it. But like I said, its all been through tinder.

This feels different than meeting a guy online. For one, I’ve already known him for years. I also don’t know what his intentions would be with me — if he had any. I also worry about the general things — texting to much, what if I asked him out again would that be weird? Etc. (I think I’m more nervous for the rejection than actually asking him out.)

So I guess my question is — what is your general approach when you meet someone you want to date?


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  • Speak to them when u can ask them out on weekends have fun

    • I’d feel hella embarrassed if they said no. But I should probably take them reaching out to me in the first place a good thing?

    • Yes clearly he is somewhat intrested

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