I met this amazing guy and our feelings are very mutual but?

Since day one we liked each other it's been a couple of weeks. We still do. We've talked for hours on Facetime and are planning to meet up next weekend. Our feelings are strong for each other and we are both Christians... The weird thing is he is EVERYTHING that I want in a man. I've prayed so long to find a guy like him and he came along without me expecting it. My feelings are growing for him fast as it is for him. I'm a Christian and I know it's important to guard your heart but did God finally send me the one? The connection I feel is not infatuation (I know what that feels like and this is not it) it feels right. It feels like this is something I've waited for for a long time. Is this normal?
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What Guys Said 2

  • im happy for you , good luck in life

    • Thank you!!! I'm just scared of getting hurt... You know?

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    • Okay cool! :) Thank you for your opinion and thank you for being mature and acting your age unlike some people above.

    • your welcome :)

  • This all depends on your level of consciousness. if you are led by the mind and ego, then it is infatuation, lust, or egoic love. If you live your life through a deeper part of self, then this man could well be the one, but that's also assuming he is also living his life through his higher self, as opposed to his ego.

    let me ask you this, can you stop thinking? can you silence the chatter inside of the mind that most of us have?

    You see, you state that 'The connection I feel is not infatuation'

    But can you truly love that which you do not truly know?


What Girls Said 1

  • Mm... lol some people find love while other wait all their life to capture it


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