At what point do you say F*** it and leave it completely up to them?

You've only been on 3 dates, all during the day and haven't even kissed. She says she likes you and wants you for real but wants to take it slow to be sure.
I've been a total gentleman and when werew together she seems way into me. She never calls and rarely texts back unless we're about to meet up. Today she stood me up. No call no show. WTF? What does that mean?
She just called me and asked me to go tomorrow. Would you go?


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  • I would roll the dice and keep trying a couple more times with her. If nothing develops in more dates I would leave her alone. Maybe she likes going on dates and that is all. I knew girls that were phone number collectors and just collect guy's numbers and that is it. Each girl is looking for different things. She seems hard to read and figure out.

    • She's really not. She just doesn't do the phone. We spent the day today & she implied that were together

    • Thank you very much for selecting my answer as the most helpful opionion. That is good you hung out with her. I hope things work out. That is good she is communicating.

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  • I think it time to get up and say fuck it.

    • P. S. If I found a guy super hot I believe I would never miss a call or text and run to spend time with him. Its human nature to want spend time with someone you like or love. Maybe she been hurt in the pass and doesn't want seem easy but I don't think thats the right way to go about it. I am pretty much grown to believe to be honest upfront. Like If I get as out, I tell them no because I am not attractive to you. Or no because you smoke and sell drugs. Its nothing against you but I have basic requirments. I want be attractive to my future boyfriend and I don't want worry about him selling drugs or I tell them I have a problem of overeating. I sometimes i feel hella depressed. Its best to be honest! Upfront and know what you want. Like you can't comprise someone who smokes if you hate smokers. You can't compromise people religion so you can't date people of a certain religion. You can compromise height and weight. Easy. But you got worry about begin attractive to that person or you might n

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    • I didn't give up on her. I don't know why maybe it's cuz anything is better than my last relationship. Maybe I don't think I can do or deserve better deep down. Regardless of why we're still together and it's overall one of my best relationships ever. It's been well over two months & we've spent nights together but we still haven't had sex. I feel like it's worth the wait but I also feel not trusted. I know there's nothing more I can do to get her to trust me or let me in. She's plenty effectionate and touchy feely. It's not like I don't think she wants me. It doesn't even feel like it's about sex. I'm used to dating girls that don't want commitment or not until we've been sleeping together for a while. She wanted commitment and exclusivity right away. This is all new to me. Not in a bad way but I'm not used to being a boyfriend.

    • P s her phone was broken. I had to get a new one. Now she always answers and makes time for us on the reg. It feels like the real thing.

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  • Stand her up. She's testing you. Guarantee if she thinks you've got another girl then she won't wanna take it slow anymore

  • Lol I think you expect to be kissed so bad you forget that you're dating another human being.

  • Yes l would go


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