Boyfriend doesn’t always follow through on his words. How do I approach this?

he Respects me and does so much for me but little things he does bothers me.

He said hed call, he never did, I let it go. Months later and one year into the relationship, we live together. He’ says he will pick me up after work but doesn’t. I’ve mentioned it to him before calmly and unaccusingly but it doesn’t stick and I’m annoyed and feel like he says sorry just so I won’t be mad and disregards it.

Currently im in the room mad while he’s on the computer working on his hobbies. He said he was sorry for not picking me up and was asleep when I clearly know his sleeping habits and wasn’t. He was in the computer. He showed me.

Im angered
I’ve spoke with him before and doesn’t stick and I feel like he lied to me that he was sleeping.

I told him I was also upset at myself and I was tired and he just said he was tired too. He didn’t bother to even ask.


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  • There are things you can live with, and then there are things you can't.
    Hopefully soon you will reach your limit and will have to make your decision - live with it or move on.
    (I say hopefully because the longer you're on a relationship, the more difficult is to move on)

    • Is this something I should accept? I’m some way I feel like he doesn’t care but in some ways I feel like he does. I

    • in my opinion, it's not about should. It's about being able to accept it or not. If this recurring atitude is something that makes you sad does it make sense to live "the rest of your life" like this?

      Here's my point of view on relationships, if you're not happy with your relationship more than 75% of the time, then probably you're better of not being in a relationship.

      In your case, if that's the only thing that you don't like about your partner, and you spend less than 1/4th of your time fretting over it, then maybe things aren't so bad.

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  • My partners and I have had some issues with this as I have adhd and legitimately get sidetracked/forget stuff fairly often if Im not super careful.

    In our case usually making sure we talk it out after is key, often coming up with a plan like calling me around the time I have to leave to ensure I dont forget.

  • NEXT!!!
    YOU did this - YOU picked him!!

  • Talk to him about it.


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