At what age should you have a girlfriend?

at what age should you have a girlfriend and if you dont have a girlfriend at that age is it bad. what age should you have sex?


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  • When it comes to relationships there's not really a right and wrong age. It all depends on when the right person will come your way. I remember feeling bad when I was 17 and I was the only person in my company that didn't have a relationship, but 4 years later I'm the only one who is, so yeah. It's nothing to feel bad about. As long as you take good care of yourself and you're being yourself, you'll meet her ;) Now the right age you should have sex is a sensitive subject, since it seems like kids do it earlier and earlier as the years go by. I really don't know about that, but it shouldn't happen unless both people are aware of the risks and the means of protection.


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