How do I help her?

I have been worried for the last week because my girlfriend has been so different lately. She talks about what if everything doesn’t exist and there’s nothing to live for and she just seems so sad but whenever I ask if she’s alright I feel like she lies to me to make sure I don’t worry... I can see in her that somethings wrong and now I’m afraid that it’s me that’s the problem. However I also know when she gets moody like this she’d rather be by herself but that just makes me sad cause I like talking to her as much as possible and just affection in general so it’s stressing me out and making me sad... help


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  • This all just happened suddenly? Have you talked to her parents about it? She seems to be going through a pretty dark phase. The hard thing is when some people go through phases like this, they really just need space to heal. Although I wouldn't completely back away, she shouldn't feel as if no one is besides her at this time either. It is most likely a balance thing and you may want to just sit down and talk about if she needs space. If you are understanding of her it may take much pressure off of her. It may help to tell her that it would be no burden to you to listen to what is really bothering her.

    • Her and her parents aren’t close at all so I can’t talk to them... but yeah that’s probably a good idea... I think most of this is just me being worried and it’ll be all fine but I’m still really sad cause she’s just not herself... it’s been about a week

    • Aw, well I hope she is feeling back to her normal self soon.

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  • "and there’s nothing to live for" i doubt that statement was meant for you, i know i don't know much about the situation but i don't think you're the reason she's being like this.

    If i were you, i'd probably ask her out or something just so we can talk. Bring her somewhere quiet and where there's not a lot of people, tell her that you know that there's something wrong and there's no point in hiding it (NOT exactly those words, somewhere along those lines, but don't be too forceful/aggressive when asking her this).

    Because i think it's important to get her in the mood to talk about stuffs, and being the right environment helps set that mood. I usually do this when i'm talking to several friends who need emotional help and it works out most of the time.

    Other than that, i recommend asking her friends to see if you could get any info off of them. Hope it goes well!


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