Girls, what ur idea of a good man?

so ladies what do u hope to find in a guy, when it comes to dating?


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  • This question kinda relates me to the Fairytale. "Beauty & the Beast". While there is general good that is mostly expected from the opposite side, what means "Good" when it comes to "dating" relates more to "Chemistry" between the two people and how it binds the couple. Being good is the least one can expect from each other. Cheers. 😇💕

  • Communication, someone who takes care of themselves (I love a guy with good hygiene). Kinda like a best friend, but more... That's my ideal, anyways.

    • sounds pretty good to me, i do love to smell good lol how are you?

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    • Well, thank yeh. Watching my friends lose themselves to garbage guys makes me sad... I don't want to do that.

    • i know the feeling with my guy friends some of the girls they get with was a nightmare how was ur day?

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