What's her level of interest?

I've worked with this girl for a couple years. last year i asked her out and she didn't say "no" but later said "I don't think we should go out". and "i just don't think about you in that way". Well fast forward a year later she's taking a different job and it's out last day working together. I decide to knock off 15 minutes early and ask her if it'd be a problem if i left early and she said "no" i pick up my things and head to clock out and she says "you know this is our last day working together, right"? not even looking at her still walking to clock out i said "yeah" and she follows me to the timeclock. and i turn to my right to clock out and notice her beside me and i look at her and her eyes were watering andshe asked if she could have a hug. And i said "why"? and she said "it's ok if you don't feel comfortable doing that". Is she interested in me or does she just like me as a friend. she didn't ask to hug anyone else when they left. I'm kind of distrustful of her motives. and i don't want her to make fool of me again.


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  • It's hard to make anything out, do you two often talk to each other during work? If you do, do you two spend time with each other? With friends or just you two?

    I think i can make something out but the info given is lacking because there are things that you said that just doesn't seem to 'click'. I mean if you two are close as friends, she probably sees you as someone she trusts and therefore asks for a hug (maybe she's going through something?)

    Not knowing a lot, i find it odd that she said "you know this is our last day working together, right?"

    • Oh, she's always going through something she's a trainwreck. lol I think that's my problem in picking women i always fall for the wounded bird act. Yeah i find it odd to. i feel like she baits me at times. i mean she knew it all day and she chooses to mention it in the last 2 minutes?

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    • yeah i wouldn't call us close friends. I think i'm a sympathetic ear. She seldom takes my advice lol. I personally think she just sees me as the only stable thing in her turbulent life. and that's why she was acting this way. but while she shows emotion she's never shown it towards me before that's the reason i asked this question. Of course i care about her and she can always talk to me.

    • I see, if that's the case then i think it'd be courteous to just ask her if she's doing alright, she'll probably even feel better knowing someone is asking about how she's doing

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  • Unless you’re sure she was flirting with you, that’s simply a friendly gesture and I wouldn’t read into it

    • That's what i think to. I don't think i made it clear enough to her what her rejection meant to me the first time. She even said when she did it "you're taking it really well". I wasn't. She still my facebook friend if she has interest she knows where to find me i guess. Thanks pooper89

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