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I honestly feel like I'm being annoying with this guy I was sure I was having feelings towards. It was pretty obvious he had feelings about me too. Now I'm just getting the feeling I was being played? It's me who texts him (I kind of have to most times, we work together. Given our fields, that's our way of contact) but then if I'm flirty via text (I. e today, he just blows it off). I mean, every drive home he would call me or text me, every damn time, just to talk (flirt, we would even literally joke that we were going to run away and elope, it was THAT serious.. I thought) now just, nothing. Should I just accept the fact that he just doesn't want anything to do with me now and leave him alone? *sorry so long*


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  • It's hard to tell what his intentions are with just these info, in all honesty the best advice i could give you is to try and spend more time with him, and see what he's aiming to do

    • So we went out to breakfast this morning, I wanted to text him afterwards and let him know I had a good time or something, but part of me is afraid to. Granted, it wasn't just us having breakfast. But it was still fun. But the fact that he won't talk to me anymore, I just don't get it

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