Why did he refuse?

Well yesterday it rained and the weather was completly awfull. I told this boy aka crush that take this money and take the bus. He refused several times i had to beg him. He said no. I told him just take it and be safe. He just said no and 100 reasons why he didn't take it. He told me he don't like the bus and that he want to walk. But i know that the real reason may be something else... guys give me your opinions. And what do you think this boy aka crush thinks of me? And do boys like nice girls


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  • I guess he planned to walk and didn't want to do anything different, doubt he knew what bus to take to get home too so it might've been too much trouble for him. Can't really tell what he thinks about you from this but maybe he at least appreciates what you were trying to do? Thinking about someone and trying to help them is a good thing, just don't try to force them to do anything.


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