I regret not going out with my crush back then? What should I do?

4 years ago me and this girl use to work together at a store she was my coworker and she like me and I liked her too. We were suppose to go out backthen but I chickenout when she ask me out and I want sure if I liked her because people were saying negative things about her that confuse me and I didn't want to hurt her so I never went out with her and i felt bad. We still talk on social media and everything. I just saw her today in the mall and she look so beautiful we both say hi and talk for 10 seconds and she said will I have to go will talk later. I feel that I still like her but I don't know if she still has feelings for me or if she has someone else. I felt bad because I never apologize to her or anything for rejecting her back then when she ask me out. I would like to ask her out to take her out so we can talk but I'm not sure if it's a good idea. Any advice should I give it a shot or forget about it?


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  • I would try to figure out if she is taken or not. I would check her fb out and any social media site to see if she is dating somebody. If not I think maybe try asking her to hangout for a movie or dinner and take it from their. I wouldn't be like be my girlfriend just yet because you have to see first if that spark and flame is still their or not.


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