Unusual places or situations where you've met someone?

The less common places. Maybe you weren't looking to date anyone, but happened to find him/her. And feel free to share the story.


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  • The most unusual was a clothing store in the US. I forgot the name of the store but it was kind of a grungy style of clothing, sort of "punk rock" I suppose. Then the girl working at the counter asked me where I was from, then I told her Japan. She then asked if I could write her name in Japanese, and I did in katakana. Then she passed me her phone number.

    I really didn't expect to get a date out of that one. And that sort of thing doesn't happen to me a lot, especially in the US. So it was a very unusual encounter.

    • She was kind of a stoner and I think her fascination with me was related to her fascination in Japanese culture. But she was cute, kind of skinny and short, and one of the two (and only two) girlfriends I ever made in the US.

    • Other one was an ex where we got all the way to being engaged to be married. I saw her at a party but didn't talk to her until, like a clumsy idiot, I turned around and bumped into her and spilled my drink all over her shirt. I frantically dashed to the bathroom to get paper napkins and started trying to help her wipe her shirt and she took it really well. Then we talked and talked and even after the party ended where we strolled to a nearby park. That was also one of those really "out-of-the-blue" encounters, and one where nothing would have happened if I didn't spill my drink on her shirt.

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