How to prevent my family from arranged marriage?

My family is Bengali and they don’t want me to marry a girl I love. My mom and my big brother asked me if they were going to choose my wife as a joke and I said no. They started to laugh at me and say I should feel ashamed. How could I prevent them from forcing me to marry someone I don’t know.
I live in Spain and and I’ve never liked a Bengali girls, most of them aren’t my type.
Please help 😭


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  • If they're strict you'll be left with no other choice but marrying the girl you want and risking ruining your relationship with your family.
    Sometimes we don't really have an option

    • I don’t have anyone on my radar right now, how could I refuse. My brother is very manipulative and aggressive, he’d force me because it’s “our culture” and we aren’t “white people”

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    • What did you chose

    • Although I'm secretly dating a guy I love, I still haven't chosen what to do in the future

  • Tell them straight away, what kind of girl you are looking for

    • I don’t know and they aren’t open minded, it would be awkward

    • There are ways to convey your feelings and message to the family

    • I’ve always listened to my family and they expect me to obey

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  • You ae an adult, an you live in Spain. Nobody can force you to do something you don't want to do. It is your lfe.
    Either ignore your family or tell them in a very clear manner that you will mary the woman you choose.


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