I haven't kissed before and have no idea what to do.

OK guys I have a huge problem I have been going out with this girl for about 6 months and I still haven't kissed her. At first I thought I was in the friend zone so I posted this a while ago.

"Hi everyone, I have a big question, I have known this girl for a few years now and about five months ago I finally grew a pair and asked her if she wants to be more than friends and she said she would need to think about it. The following day I got an email saying we should give it a go and see what happens. Anyway we saw each other every couple of weeks and texted a few times a week. But we still didn’t kiss and nothing much happened.

So the past 6 or 7 weeks we have been seeing each other every week and we have been texting each other almost every day or two and she texts back right away and she never used to.

The past 6 weeks I have been making much more physical contact with her touching her wrist, tickling her neck stroking her legs and stuff like that. Last time I was out I took her arm and she told me not to and instead to hold her hand. we interlocked fingers and walked though the busy shopping mall hand in hand. It felt pretty awesome. then she insisted on getting a hug when I got out of her car and it felt so amazing and we held each other tightly and then she was gone. She wants to meet up again this weekend and I really want to kiss her but we haven’t kissed each other yet. The problem is she is shy but I know she isn’t a virgin where as me on the other hand I haven’t even kissed before.

What does all this mean am I in the friend zone or are we moving beyond friends? What do I do to make the first move? Someone please help me she is driving me mad I saw her less than two days ago and I miss her already and can’t stop thinking about her, even though we only just stopped talking to each other on face book.

please please help me :)"

Anyway things never moved beyond hand holding and me stroking her face. Anyway she now sometimes doesn't text me back for a day or two which I presumed meant that I had waited too long and that I was friend zoned. Now every time I see her and say goodbye she insists on one of these long lingering hugs where we hold each others cheeks together. She has told her parents that I am her boyfriend and she refers to me as her boyfriend, when I found this out I was shocked but in a good way.

I love her and love spending time with her and I miss her so much when we are apart. I can't get her out of my head or stop thinking about her but I know that if I don't make a move then I will loose her if I haven't messed it up already.

So problem is that I haven't kissed before and have no idea what to do. When I hug her I don't know how to turn that into a kiss. what do I do? Someone please help especially the ladies, I have no idea what I am supposed to do and if I don't do it she will break it off.


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  • well I don't know if this will work for you but it would if I were her. when you hug her tell her something like you missed her or something and hug for a while then you look at her and say you really missed her all the while looking her in the eyes, then you put your hand on ther cheek and you move towards her lips and you'll both know what to do from there. you may not know now but you'll know then, trust me I was in your position not to long.


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